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What is ANVEL?

The Autonomous Navigation Virtual Environment Laboratory (ANVEL) is an interactive, real-time engineering modeling and simulation (M&S) software tool built specifically to assist in the research, design, testing, and evaluation of intelligent ground vehicles. It supports the development of autonomy, semi-autonomy, teleoperation, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionalities. ANVEL allows users to quickly and easily construct virtual vehicle models; place virtual sensors onboard those models; connect sensing, perception, and control algorithms/code to the virtual system; and perform testing in an almost infinite variety of virtual environments with scalable fidelity. It provides scenario-focused scripting and the ability to explore performance "edge cases" that are key to ensuring system robustness no matter where the real-world application.

Modeling & Simulation for Vehicle Development

ANVEL provides modeling and simulation tools to help build a better system

ANVEL began life supporting military efforts developing and testing unmanned ground vehicles in complex, challenging off-road environments. Since then, ANVEL has grown and evolved into a substantial, real-time, mixed-fidelity, highly-flexible tool that supports a wide variety of modeling and simulation capabilities for intelligent ground vehicles. Why is ANVEL important? Because creating “smart” vehicles is hard, and having desktop tools to explore solutions and understand how they may (or may not) work is critical to making progress. ANVEL helps bring these systems to reality in a variety of ways:

ANVEL Features

ANVEL contains user-friendly functions and tools to facilitate a variety of experimental modeling and simulations for autonomous and intelligent vehicle systems.

Inherently multi-fidelic

Scenario-focused control and co-simulation

Customizable environments, vehicles, and assets

Sensor emulation and testing