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What is ANVEL?

The Autonomous Navigation Virtual Environment Laboratory (ANVEL) is an interactive, real-time engineering modeling and simulation (M&S) software tool built specifically to assist in the research, design, testing, and evaluation of intelligent ground vehicles. It supports the development of autonomy, semi-autonomy, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionalities. ANVEL allows users to quickly and easily construct virtual vehicle models; place virtual sensors onboard those models; connect sensing, perception, control algorithms, and code and plugins directly to the system; and perform testing in an almost infinite variety of virtual environments with scalable fidelity. It provides scenario-focused scripting and the ability to explore performance "edge cases".

M&S for Vehicle Development

ANVEL provides virtual tools to help build a better system.

Ground vehicles are quickly evolving to become safer, more efficient, and more automated. Leveraging a combination of advanced computing, sensors, and complex algorithms, motorized ground transportation “smart” vehicles make an impact in the ground vehicle space but bringing these systems to reality poses challenges such as:

These challenges and questions are the heart of the intelligent vehicle development and testing trials in which ANVEL can help.

ANVEL Features

ANVEL contains user-friendly functions and tools, including:

ANVEL’s capabilities are growing to support the expanding community and breadth of applications. Quantum Signal (developer of ANVEL) uses the tool to develop a host of technologies and systems for manned and unmanned ground vehicle development, as do hundreds of its users throughout the world.

Supporting Multiple Efforts

ANVEL spans the entire systems engineering process.

ANVEL began life supporting military efforts developing and testing unmanned ground vehicles in complex, challenging off-road environments. Since then, ANVEL has grown and evolved into a substantial, real-time, mixed-fidelity, highly-flexible tool that supports a wide variety of modeling and simulation capabilities for intelligent ground vehicles. This growth has come out of both design and necessity; as the requirements and demand for intelligent ground vehicles have increased, so too has the need for M&S capability to support this growth. ANVEL has been, and is being, used to address areas such as: