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Derived Trigger Volume Component

  • I'm trying to create a component plugin that inherits some of the functionality of the Trigger Volume Component. I seem to encounter an error if I try to call for the base functions.

    Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol "public: void __cdecl Anvel::TriggerVolumeComponent::OnSimUpdate(double)" (?OnSimUpdate@TriggerVolumeComponent@Anvel@@QEAAXN@Z)

    Here is an example of what I'd try to do:

    void SampleObjectTrigger::SampleFunction(TimeValue dt)
    /// do some stuff
    /// do some more stuff

    I'll also get the error if during the RegisterProperties function when I'll try this

    void SampleObjectTrigger::RegisterProperties(PropertyRegistrationContext& context)
    ///add other properties

    Any ideas?