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Penguin Vehicle Asset

  • @anvel-team I managed to get this working with driving wheels. However, I'm having trouble with controlling the steering servos. Here are the sequence of commands I'm sending (Note: I'm using wrappers around the API commands, but their functionality should be clear):

    std::string cmd("AnvelAPIVehicleController.ControlVehicle");
    std::string RF_steer_params(api.get_vehicle_key() + ";RF/Q/angular_position:float64:1.0"); 
    api.send_string_cmd(cmd, RF_steer_params);

    Here is the critical portion of the vehicle definition file:

    <servo joint="RFrockerHinge" name="RF/steering" type="Angular">
    	<forceCurve dampening="0.50" h="0.01" m="0.0" maxRate="0.5" torque="1595.0"/>
    	<angularInit offset="0.0" thetaMax="1.5" thetaMin="-1.5"/>
    <control name="RF/Q/angular_position" type="Axis">
    	<action name="RF/steering" ratio="1.0" type="Servo"/>

    This results in the following output: 0_1538489222227_servo_position.png

    Here the "CurrentAngle" is always set to 2.541 radians for any input other than 0. When 0 is sent then the servo is correctly set to 0.

    There could be many things wrong from something missing in the vehicle definition file to the wrong command being sent. Any help is appreciated.