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Concrete Pipe

  • This is a cylindrical concrete pipe often seen in construction sites and playgrounds. I have included the converted .mesh file, .material file and textures that go with it.

    I made the mesh in DAZ Studio/Hexagon and converted the OBJ geometry into .mesh inside ANVEL. I found that if the OBJ used is a geometric primitive like a cube or cylinder, I didn't have to triangulate the mesh in Blender. The Ogre mesh converter in ANVEL seemed to work fine on all quads for this mesh.

    Since these are the mesh files necessary to make ANVEL assets, just follow the documentation here to import them into ANVEL:

    In the Object Editor wiki, go to the 'Create a New Object' section. Also note that the resource directory area in AnvelInit.xml will need editing to add your directory path to where you are storing the .mesh, .material, and texture files. See the example in the 'Importing New Object Mesh' wiki.

    High five to ckoning for taking the texture map photo with a steady hand leaving a clear non-distorted diffuse map photo.

    Here is the ZIP file:

    Concrete Pipe

  • administrators

    Thanks for the submission! Note, we'd recommend using a TriangleMesh Physics Collider Component on this object, since it would be difficult to drive through it otherwise!